What caused the tongue to crack?

  • It may be a genetic cause of tongue cracking.
  • Injury of the tongue shock that lead to cracking and this shock may be through toothbrushes, for example.
  • There is a lack of taste papillae or an increase in this is called tongue abnormalities.
  • Hypersensitivity to certain substances that enter the mouth such as toothpaste or some fresheners or mouthwash.
  • In the salivary glands, the tongue becomes dry and then inflamed and cracks.
  • Infection of the tongue with a bacterial, viral or fungal infection.
  • Burns that occur in the tongue as a result of drinking something suddenly hot.
  • The presence of pointed edges of the teeth implanted in the tongue causing inflammation of the tongue.
  • Iron deficiency in the body causes tongue inflammation.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency also causes inflammation of the tongue.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol from the causes of inflammation in the tongue and cracking Eating hot foods also an effective cause of tongue inflammation.
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