The privacy policy :

Our WebSite use advertising companies to serve ads, and when you visit our WebSite, these companies may use information about your visits to them (except name, address, email address or phone number) to provide advertisements about goods and services That interest you via the DART cookie.

The privacy policy of our visitors is of great importance to us. The privacy policy in this document outlines the types of personal information we collect and how it is used by us and our advertisers.

We use Google ads as an external financial resource, so Google uses cookies to display ads on our site.

By using the DART cookie, Google will be able to show ads "based on interests" for users based on their visits to our sites.

Cookies and network settings:
Google uses cookies to store information about visitors' interests, along with a user-specific record of specific information about the pages accessed or visited. In this step, we know the interests of visitors and which topics are most preferred by them so that we can develop our content and knowledge. Fitting them.

In addition, some of the companies that advertise on our WebSite may look at the cookies and the network settings of our site and you, such as Google and its advertising program Google AdSense, the first advertising company on our site.

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